Foreign Service


Welcome to the Washington DC area!  You are about to experience one of the most dynamic, exciting, beautiful, and historic places in the United States to call home.  Foreign Service personnel often have unique housing requirements.  Whether you are taking a position at Main State, Commerce, or coming for extended training at FSI you have a short time frame to locate where you will live for the next year or two.  And, you may be coming back periodically.  You many need to decide if you want to rent or buy while in DC.  Will you be coming back over the next 10-20 years?  Do you want a place to call home?


A list of local utility companies that will provide you with the resources necessary to get started in your new home.


The DC Metro Area has many options to make commuting into work easy. Click here for more details.


The DC Metro area is home to many wonderful schools. To find out more information on the schools that meet your family’s current or future needs, click here.