How to Show your Home

How To Show Your Home

We have one chance with each buyer to make a winning first impression!


Once we have implemented all of my “Insider Showcasing Strategies” there are these final reminders:

  • The most important advice I can give you -- All Humans and Pets LEAVE THE PROPERTY COMPLETELY!!!

  • Make your house easily accessible; allow an agent to show your home at the time they request.

  • Use as much natural lighting as possible. In rooms with poor natural light, highlight dark spots with soft lighting.

  • Provide soft music, sparkling windows, neat, tidy and fresh smelling interiors, gleaming bathrooms and kitchen.

  • Pretend you are having a fancy dinner party - table set with dinnerware, flatware, glassware, napkins and flowers.

  • Have fresh flowers both inside and outside.

  • Keep the landscaping and lawn trimmed and edged.

Why Sell With Marilyn

Why Sell With Marilyn

Marilyn’s experience and insider secrets provide you with the EDGE to make the wisest decision you can.

Critical Seller Info

Critical Seller Info

What Marilyn thinks every seller needs to know to be successful in the DC and Northern Virginia housing market!