Importance of Proper Pricing

Determining The Proper Price... Is NOT Easy!

Pricing has never been more critical or difficult!!!


A home that is priced right and properly showcased, is best positioned to obtain the HIGHEST PRICE IN THE SHORTEST PERIOD OF TIME.

What influences the price:

1) Location, Location, Location
Still the #1 consideration for both price and value

2) Property condition – these translate to value
Improvements and showcasing
Deferred maintenance

3) Your terms
Easy access via lockbox
Flexible settlement
Financing incentives

4) Neighborhood values
Properties that sold in the last twelve months, emphasis on past three
Currently available properties
Properties pending sale
Properties that didn’t sell

5) Local competition of similar type and amenities
Number currently available
Number that have sold in the past six months

No one will work harder than Marilyn
to determine the right price for your home ...
and then defend it!


Customized Marketing Plan

Customized Marketing Plan

Marilyn designs a specialized marketing plan for each property in order to attract the greatest number of qualified...

Home Selling Process

Home Selling Process

The home selling process can be daunting! So, let Marilyn be there to guide you through every step along the way.