Why Sell With Marilyn


Value-Added Services Marilyn Provides Her Sellers

Identify The GREATEST Asking Price
Marilyn's dedication to analyzing and interpreting pertinent Regional (not just Local) sales data enables you to price competitively, price with conciseness and price with confidence. The leverage we gain by carefully structuring your price for proper positioning enables you to sell for top dollar and in your time frame.

Capitalize On Buyer Emotion
Her showcasing strategies are the most powerful way to generate a contract next to effective pricing. If a buyer isn't emotionally involved in your home, it doesn't matter how well you have priced your home or how many buyers tour it.

Leverage Every Single Showing
Marilyn's customized marketing approach generates a quality stream of buyers for your home. Proactive follow-up of every single showing provides crucial market feedback to fine-tune our strategy.

Her constant monitoring of the marketplace keeps you fully informed of your options. You receive WEEKLY reports of marketing activity, feedback from showings and updates on market conditions.

Experienced And Effective Negotiator
Nothing replaces experience when it comes to obtaining the best contract. Nothing!!! As a veteran of negotiating hundreds of contracts, Marilyn's trained eyes ensure you understand every potential risk and see the “total package” 
prescribed in any offer. This reduces any potential risks and negotiates the best terms for you.

Oversee All Aspects Of The Transaction
The sale of a home involves a myriad of details: preparing your home, listing and marketing your home, negotiating a contract, seeing all terms and conditions agreed upon by seller and buyer are fulfilled, ensuring all paperwork is in place and remaining a resource for you after settlement. She closely monitors every detail!

‚ÄčThis is what sets Marilyn apart from other REALTORS®!


Importance of Proper Pricing

Importance of Proper...

A home that is priced right and properly showcased, is best positioned to reach the highest price in the shortest...

Home Selling Process

Home Selling Process

The home selling process can be daunting! So, let Marilyn be there to guide you through every step along the way.